About us

Who we are

Established in 1965, Magnor designs and manufactures innovative equipment to improve water quality for various applications including drinking and process water.

Our promises:

  • Personalized support
  • Quality
  • Guaranteed performance

Our values:

  • Be transparent
  • Be in problem solving mode
  • Be respectful
  • Exceed expectations
  • Inspire trust

Who we are
Our mission

Our purpose: the peace of mind.

This mission leads us to provide a wide range of adapted solutions that take into account energy efficiency, environmental safety, sustainability and optimal water use. A multidisciplinary team of experts will ensure a successful implementation of your water treatment projects and a peace of mind throughout the whole process.

Who we are

Our Team
Magnor has succeeded over the years in bringing together a unique set of skills to the marketplace; our team combines experience, stability, overall quality and attention to detail.

Our dedicated and qualified staff enable us to lead by example in the water treatment industry. Each project is driven by innovative and highly skilled personnel of draftsmen, designers, engineers, chemists and specialized technicians in a modern facility that includes a fully equipped laboratory. All these resources are combined to address effectively all of your needs.


flèche1965 :

Established 50 years ago by Mr Paul-Émile Pichet and Mr Jacques Pichet, Magnor's mission was to provide Magnus with equipment for the pre-treatment of water and chemical injection systems for HVAC installations. Magnus and Magnor were separate businesses, managed by the same family

flèche1966 :

Growth requires a 1st head office relocation.

flèche1975 :

In 1975, Mr. Jacques Pichet succeeds his father thus becoming the owner of both Magnor and Magnus. Magnor and Magnus remain independent divisions of the same industrial group.

flèche1990 :

In 1990, Magnor, by then a recognized water treatment equipment manufacturer for HVAC systems, uses its expertise to diversify its activities in the drinking and process water treatment sector.

flèche2000 :

A 2nd head office relocation is necessary to support growth.

flèche2006 :

In 2006, Mr Denis Pichet succeeds his father by becoming the President and CEO of Magnus and Magnor. Magnus and Magnor continue to remain relatively independent divisions.

flèche2013 :

In 2013, Magnor is legally merged with Magnus.

flèche2015 :

Magnor celebrates its 50 years during the 2015/2016 period! In the same year, Magnor becomes, once more, a separate entity to focus on its main expertise: drinking and process water treatment.