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ico Drinking water treatment equipment for municipal applications

Drinking water treatment equipment for municipal applications

Municipalities often need to treat their drinking water to address contaminants. At Magnor, we specialize in designing and manufacturing water treatment equipment, and we have the expertise to support municipalities and the different parties involved in water treatment projects.

Commonly treated types of water

  • Ground water
  • Surface water with high total organic carbon (TOC) levels
  • Slow flowing surface water

Types of municipalities served

  • Municipalities with 20 to 10,000 inhabitants
  • Flow rates ranging between 10 US gpm and 3,000 US gpm
  • Large urban centres and remote areas accessible by plane only

Our expertise at your service

If you need assistance with a municipal drinking water treatment project, you can count on Magnor to support you every step of the way, from design and manufacturing to commissioning and maintenance. 

Magnor’s team of experts works with municipalities and the different parties involved, providing input at all stages of the project. Our personalized services include:

  • Project design support at the feasibility assessment stage
  • Budget proposals at the economic evaluation stage
  • Support provided by a dedicated team during manufacturing and project delivery
  • Commissioning, maintenance plans, and long-term after-sales support provided by our service team

A dedicated team of experts

  • A dedicated team providing design expertise and acting as a trusted partner for your municipal drinking water treatment projects. Fully committed, the team will draw on their extensive knowledge in the field to deliver custom solutions that best address the issues your municipality is facing.
  • Service teams based in all major Canadian cities and ready to meet the service needs of municipalities across the country.

A collaborative effort

At Magnor, we leverage our expertise to support all the parties involved in your municipal water treatment equipment project:

  • Mayors and chief administrative officers: They know their regions and their residents’ needs very well and oversee drinking water projects that are often major, complex undertakings. To deliver custom solutions that best address the issues they are facing and provide personalized maintenance services, we make sure we understand their needs so we can find the options that are best suited to their applications.
  • Engineers: As trusted advisors to municipalities and technical experts playing a central role in water treatment projects, engineers have major responsibilities throughout the project. At Magnor, we work closely with engineers to meet their requirements while maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  • Contractors: Their job is to meet project specifications and check that everything runs smoothly on the job site, so they are constantly looking for ways to do things better. Our team is there to assist them in the process to avoid any issues on-site.
  • Operators: As the first line of defence in securing water quality, operators can use our support to prevent operational issues once the project is completed and to ensure the system is working properly.

Your partner for the long run

When we take on a project to deliver municipal drinking water treatment equipment, we commit to a 20- to 50-year partnership with the different stakeholders involved throughout the life cycle of the project.

Looking for the right drinking water treatment equipment for your municipality’s needs? Contact us today so we can get started on your project.