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Greensand filters

Magnor’s greensand filters are custom-built and can be made of different materials depending on your needs. Greensand filters use a medium of silica sand with a manganese dioxide coating (GreensandTM), which acts as a catalyst in the oxidation-reduction reaction of iron and manganese. These filters come with all the auxiliary equipment they require to function properly, including a control panel, oxidant injection systems, and a potassium permanganate level sensor as needed.

We customize the design of our greensand filters based on water contaminants, required flow rates, and other inputs.

Flow rates

At Magnor, we customize the design of our greensand filters to accommodate flow rates from 10 US gpm to 3,000 US gpm depending on your needs.

Types of greensand filters


Fibreglass filters are lighter than those made of steel. Fibreglass filter tanks come in different sizes, with the widest measuring 1.6 m (63 in) in diameter.

This type of filter is suitable for small municipal, institutional, industrial, and commercial facilities.


Painted steel and stainless steel filters are custom-built and much sturdier than fibreglass filters. They also come in bigger sizes, with tanks up to 3.66 m (12 ft.) in diameter.

Since they are bigger and heavier, these filters generally meet the standards of larger municipalities and big industry players.

Greensand filter installation

Regardless of what they are made of, greensand filters can be mounted on a steel base or not. Not sure if you should have yours mounted on a steel base? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you need a turnkey solution?
  • How can the space be accessed for delivery?
  • Is there enough room to handle the filter?
  • What are the installation costs?

Having your filters mounted on a steel base can help cut installation costs while providing a more solid foundation for your equipment.

Why use a greensand filter?

Greensand filters are used to remove the following contaminants: Iron,  ManganeseHydrogen sulphide and Arsenic.

Drinking water

In drinking water applications, greensand filters are used by municipalities, communities, worker camps, and recreation and tourism centres to meet aesthetic and health standards as per provincial regulations in effect and Health Canada guidelines. Such standards are intended to protect the public and facilitate the maintenance of the entire distribution system and drinking water valves.

Process water

In process water applications, greensand filters are used to eliminate the harmful effects of the above contaminants in various processes.

For example:

  • Water used to rinse foods like vegetables must be free of such contaminants to avoid staining.

Our Promise

Magnor manufactures custom-built greensand filters specifically designed to meet your needs. Our experience spans multiple industries and we have the expertise to assist you with your drinking water or process water projects. 
In addition to providing you with support at the design stage and delivering factory-assembled turnkey equipment, we also offer preventive and emergency maintenance services to ensure your filters are operating at their best.