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Timiskaming First Nation

Location: Timiskaming First Nation

Type of project: Drinking water

Type of water: Groundwater

Controlled parameters: Iron, manganese, organic carbons, and water hardness

Flow rate: 217 US gallons/min

Project overview: 

  • In 2014, the Algonquin Timiskaming First Nation drilled a new well to provide a constant supply of drinking water. At the time, Magnor was commissioned to treat the water for iron, manganese, and TOCs.
  • In 2020, we were contacted again to treat water hardness.
  • With the project on a tight schedule, we got the new system up and running within a week of delivery.

Magnor solutions:

  • One greensand filter
  • Two anion exchange units
  • One cation exchange unit and one 1-tonne saturator
  • One control panel
  • All tanks made of steel to provide the required flow
  • Saturator built with structural steel for easy installation