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Location: Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Type of project: Drinking water

Type of water: Groundwater

Controlled parameters: Iron and manganese

Flow rate: 2,355 US gallons/min

Project overview:

  • In 2015, the City of Trois-Rivières was looking to purchase two separate iron and manganese treatment systems to meet provincial drinking water regulations.
  • The City planned to use the systems to treat water from 10 groundwater wells at the Des Érables station and water from 2 wells at the Cardinal-Roy station.
  • The 10 wells had different contaminant concentrations, making it harder to find a solution that would deliver the desired level of performance.
  • The systems had to be integrated with the city’s existing drinking water systems.
  • This large-scale project was one of the biggest greensand water treatment projects in Quebec.

Magnor solutions: 

  • Six greensand filters complete with interconnecting stainless steel piping
  • Tanks made of painted steel to provide the required flow
  • Control valves installed in addition to various control panels
  • Filters operating simultaneously with the flow equally split between them so they can handle the variable flows of the 10 wells
  • Control panel capable of handling complex logic functions to adjust flow rates and dosing rates depending on which wells are active