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Mining camp

Location: Mining camp

Type of project: Drinking water

Type of water: Groundwater under the direct influence of surface water (GUDISW)

Controlled parameters: Turbidity, iron, manganese, water hardness, colour, and organic carbons (TOCs)

Flow rate: 20 US gallons/min

Project overview:

  • One container designed for the water treatment system.
  • A second container designed for treated water storage reservoirs and distribution pumps.
  • Magnor can provide complete modular, containerized water treatment systems.

Magnor solutions:

  • Two catalytic filters
  • Two carbon filters
  • Four anion exchange units, each with a dedicated regeneration brine tank
  • Two chlorine injection systems
  • Four treated water storage reservoirs and a distribution pump system
  • Three UV disinfection systems with automatic shutoff valves
  • One central control panel with operator interface